Learning How to Keep Fit Rain or Shine – Cus, GF50


   Exhausted at home or, stressed out at work with little or nothing to do during the raining season, well, guess what? you are not alone. For many people in this country and many other places where an adverse condition determines the extent of one’s move, there is a tendency that you would add up a few pounds or kilograms within those months. It is true that many of us would find ourselves with little bulging either at the hip or around the tummy, especially if you are among those with genetic make up which allows you to retain more calories than you exhaust. Sorry to tell you that, you are out of luck.  

       Unfortunately, the season brings with it other draw backs other than flooded road, and constant power outage. The lack of sunrise may as well influences our moods. Oh well, the next time that you entered a public transport or happen to be among people and it happens to be raining, watch the faces of people around you and draw your own conclusion. Research has shown that what you eat may determine your mood and your mood can be influenced by your eating habit. Lack of activity creates a vacuum, which many people opt to use food to fill such gap. On the other hand, food like sweat potatoes and walnut can lift your mood. It doesn’t mean that you should load up on sweat potatoes and walnut or consume far less calories in order to maintain a quality lifestyle. Moderation is the key to everything you do. Generally, many of us find ourselves during this period participating in a bare minimum activity, while at the same time maintaining their usual level of caloric intake. In other word, whenever your food intake doesn’t commensurate with your caloric expenditure, that leftover would be stored in your body as fat.

   I realize what you might be asking, what steps one can take to avoid excessive accumulation of fat during this period of hibernation? Hence you might not be one of the fortunate folks who can afford a home in the USA, Islands or elsewhere where the sun doesn’t go down too often. Here are some tips that may help you get your body to be the envy of your friends.

  • Modify your eating Habit

This is where many of our defeats occur, and it requires the change in our psychic regarding food consumption. Oftentimes, we eat food because we think it is the right of living rather than what is meant for – nourishment. Think of the food that you eat as a fuel in a car. You wouldn’t fill up a truck or car and let the vehicle seat on your driveway. A filled vehicle must have a task to accomplish. Also, you should be mindful that once your body stores carbohydrate as fat, it is harder to get rid of. Consequently, your goal should be to maintain a 5% reduction on your carbs, protein and fat, and if anything, you should consider the consumption of leafy food like salad and vegetables with an increase in water intake.


  • Firing all cylinders

Exercise is the single most important thing that can have all the neurons in your body fired up, and it doesn’t require you to be a fitness fanatic to score a considerable measurable result. For instance, a 30-40minute walking or jogging up and down your one-story staircase can be just as effective or better than your traditional treadmill. If you doubt this, measure your heart rate during the performance of each activity and you will discover that your staircase exercise ranks higher. And this actually translates to good metabolic rate with a sustainable caloric expenditure. Such activity applies considerable pressure to your biggest muscle calling both cardio and some form of resistance. In this case, you can do more for less.

  • Water saves

Believe it or not, water plays an essential role in the overall scheme of weight control, and keeping healthy lifestyle in raining season goes hand in hand with water consumption. Many of us think that water is only useful for lubrication of the joints. However, it plays greater role with your digestive process. Learn to drink a cup of water before eating your meal and in between swallows. By so doing, you would discover that your food consumption would be reduced and you won’t be overloading your system with unnecessary calories, which is the last thing you would want. You may ask, what should be ideal water consumption for an adult? I believe an attempt of a gallon per day is a good measure for the day. For most people, it may be harder to do, but start with a small measure and watch yourself increase.

In conclusion, the rain season should not be a period that you labor with the burden of accumulating excess fat but rather maintaining or perfecting your figure for the beach or summer look.